Room Rental Fees

Please Note:
Rooms in the EHSEB are not available for personal or individual use.

Charges are applied for the following categories:

Category A:

Health Sciences Center departments charging for the event (e.g. CME) or meetings unrelated to student curriculum.

Category B:

Other University departments and organizations, government entities and not-for-profit organizations and charities.

Category C:

All other commercial or non-university groups.

Room Rental ChargesApplied for full or part of the day room use:

Room NameCategory ACategory BCategory C
Lecture Hall
(150 person or 75 person)
Alumni Hall – one side
(75 person)
Alumni Hall – both sides
(150 person)
Distance Education
Classroom (40 person)
(40, 25 & 15 person)
Computer Suite Classrooms
(14, 16, 18 or 24 person)
Technical Support*
As pre-arranged. Charged on weekends and evenings.
Subject to availability
$50/hour per technician
– 2 hr. minimum
$50/hour per technician
– 2 hr. minimum
$50/hour per technician
– 2 hr. minimum
Additional charges (for instance, custodial) typically apply for weekend and evening events.


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