Podium Help Sheet for Seminar Classrooms



7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Closed: Holidays and closures
Room: 3100 / Computer Suite | Floor Map
Phone: 801-213-3522
Form: Submit a service ticket


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Seminar Rooms are not equipped with a computer. Please request computer and cable from the Help Desk 48 hours in advance; you can connect your own laptop to the projector but will need to request cable or bring your own.

Laptop-to-Projector Hookup

Hook the projector cable to the back of your computer.
Hook the other end to the wall port labeled Computer Video.

Laptop to projector hookup

Turn Projector On/Off

Use Power button to turn projector on.
Use the Source button to select input:

1. Input A Computer
2. Input B
3. Input C Air Shot
4. S-Video Auto
5. Video Auto

Turn projector on / off

-To see both laptop and projected screen, use the appropriate function key to enable output.
-Use the volume controls to adjust sound.
-Turn projector off by pressing the power button twice.

Video/Audio Inputs

Attach the S-Video

Video, audio inputs


Manually pull down

Lights are controlled from wall switches

Wall wash
White Board


White boards, tack boards, movable tables and chairs.
Window coverings raise and lower manually

Press Fn F5 or whatever works

F5 Key